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it has always been about what we afford our investors:

Safety of Principal


Income Stability

Appreciation and Purchasing Power Stability

Legality and Freedom from Care


We make it simpler for you to invest in cryptocurrency & other trading assets without going through the hassles of learning how to do it.

We let our team of experts crunch all the numbers and manage your investment, while you watch it grow.

Enjoy dynamic product packages for long or short-term investment without having to know how to trade the market yourself.

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2% -For 5 Days


    Daily For 5 Days

  • Min investment : $ 100
    Max investment : $ 100,000
    Princilpal Return
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3% - Daily For 9 Days


    Daily For 9 Days

  • Min investment : $ 10,000
    Max investment : $ 100,000
    Princilpal Included in Profit
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4% - Daily For 15 Days


    Daily For 15 Days

  • Min investment : $ 15,000
    Max investment : $ 100,000
    Princilpal Included in Profit
    Invest Now

2.5% - Hourly for 4 Hours


    Hourly for 4 Hours

  • Min investment : $ 5,000
    Max investment : $ 10,000
    Princilpal Included in Profit
    Mining : Only 3 times in 1 Day
    Referal Bonus : 3%
    Invest Now

4.5% -Hourly For 2 Hours


    Hourly For 2 Hours

  • Min investment : $ 10,000
    Max investment : $ 50,000
    Princilpal Included in Profit
    Mining : Only 2 times in 1 Day
    Referal Bonus : 5%
    Invest Now

1.5% -Hourly For 12 Hours


    Hourly For 12 Hours

  • Min investment : $ 20,000
    Max investment : $ 100,000
    Princilpal Included in Profit
    Mining : Only Once in 1 Day
    Referal Bonus : 10%
    Invest Now

Enjoy our innovative online investment platform

Main world markets included in 3 investment plans. Earn money wherever and whenever you want. Applications for mobile platforms available soon.

Invest responsibly and consciously

Meet our revolutionary risk free investment platform.

Our Licenses

Waiver Finance Limited is an official company, located in Belgium, registered number # 99093911, is fully authorized and authorized and regulated locally by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA"). Therefore, feel free to entrust us with your funds.

Your Funds

Our specialists work 24 hours a day to achieve the profits specified in the investment plans. The finance team will endeavor to process your withdrawal requests within 24 hours. Please note that payment processing may vary by payment processor and is independent of Waiver Finance Limited .


Waiver Finance Limited is one of the few investment brokers on the market to have capital loss insurance and is. Our company is fully compliant with the PCI data security standards. We encrypt and protect your data with the latest and most advanced algorithms, so you never have to worry about the safety of your funds, even in the event of bankruptcy of the company.

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What exactly is Waiver Finance Limited ?

Waiver Finance Limited is an innovative and modern investment platform with capital insurance available to our partners.

We're committed to helping our clients build wealth through quality investments in Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Stock & Bonds.

For nearly two decades, we've earned an enviable reputation for delivering on that commitment.

We apply state-of-the-art web infrastructures to enable a seamless user experience for our clients.

We pride ourselves in secure and detailed management of your finances, with proper tracking and documentation.

  • Officially
    Registered Company


A legally operating company based in Belgum.

  • Risks Insurance

    Insurance fund is
    50 Million $

Insurance in a leading insurance company - Prudential

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